Neds is an Australian owned betting company based in Brisbane. They are quickly becoming one of the more popular betting companies in the market with the new Neds app. The horse racing betting with Neds is very good when compared to the other Australian bookmakers. Below we have covered the main highlights that Neds offer their customers.

Neds has one of the better horse racing betting offerings out of all the bookmakers. They offer customers some fantastic betting products for horse racing markets. They don’t offer any live horse racing streaming, but they defiantly make up for it with some of their website and Neds app features. Below you will see the Neds betting highlights we found while betting with them.

  •   Racing Betting Tips

    Neds offers punters 4 betting tips for each race with an easy option to add them to your bet slip. We found Neds horse racing betting tips to be decent. They also offer some great racing betting insights via the Neds blog for feature races.

  •   Neds Bet Boost

    Neds customers get a Bet Boost which is available for selected fixed-odd Australian racing and, to check if it’s available to your specific bet, simply add your selections to your Quick Slip or Bet Slip via the website or Neds App.

  •   Neds Money Tracker

    Each horse racing market offers the Neds Money Tracker which shows the total number of bets and the total amount bet on each horse in the field. This is a great feature from our perspective as it gives you some insight to where the money in going.

  •   Neds Market Movers

    Another compelling feature that Neds offer their customers in the Market Mover for each race. This tells the punters which horse whose odds are shortening due to increased wagering action. We found that it does offer some useful tips that perform well.

  •   Neds Speedmaps

    Customers of Neds also enjoy horse racing Speedmaps for every race. There are not any other bookmakers that offer them, and we found the data to be reasonably accurate. If you do the form like us, you will find that the Neds Speedmaps are a useful betting tool.

  •   Neds Feature Bet

    Neds does not stop there with the racing features. They provide a feature bet for every markets which provides you with the horses with biggest bets placed on it. The Neds feature bets are updated in real time, so you can see which horse is getting the big money bet on it.

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Neds App

The Neds app is the best mobile betting app available in Australia in our opinion. The app works perfectly on both Apple and Android devices with a simple download and install process. Below are some of the key features that the Neds app offers punters.

  •   Neds Android App

    Neds offer an app for betting on Android devices. To run the Neds android app, your device needs to be up to date with Android 4.4 or above. We loved the Neds App. The app works perfectly and included all the betting products you get on the website.

  •   Neds Apple App

    Of course Neds provide an app for Apple devices. Once you have opened an account you can download the Neds App from the App Store. There is no difference between the different Neds App version and the Apple versions is one of the best in the market.

  •   Neds Multi Bets

    Customers can place horse racing multi bets from the app easily with the simple layout and quick bet slip available on the Neds App. It is easy to place a racing multi bet using their betting tips as well which we really liked about the app.

  •   Neds Live Betting

    There is live betting available on the Neds app, but we found that not a lot of markets and sports were covered when compared to some of the other bookmakers live betting offering. Still, the Neds app does make it easy to get a live bet placed.

  •   Live Streaming

    Neds do not offer any horse racing streaming for their customers via their app or website. This is a glaring omission when compared to some other bookmakers, but they do make up for it with some great racing odds and exclusive betting products.

  •   User Interface

    The Neds app user interface is perhaps the best in the market. We found it clean and simple to use and offers all the same betting solutions once would receive betting via their website. The Neds app is one of the better mobile betting apps in the market in our opinion.

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Neds Racing

Neds horse racing betting offering is fantastic. They provide a good range of exclusive betting features for both the website and Neds app. If you bet on horse racing, we think you will love betting with Neds. They offer a great range of weekly horse racing betting promotions once you open an account with them. Below are some of the key highlights we found while betting with Neds.

  •   Horse Racing Odds

    We found the horse racing odds to offer punters great value on the metro race meetings. You can view how the Neds horse racing odds have performed compared to other bookmakers above. They also offer Neds Bet Boost for a limited number of racing bets each day.

  •   Racing Betting Tips

    Customers enjoy 4 horse racing betting tips each race as well as feature bets which show big bets for horses in the race. The Neds horse racing betting tips are available via the website and Neds app. They performed well for the week we used them.

  •   Race Speedmaps

    If you like to study the form guide before you place your bets then you will enjoy the Neds Speedmaps. They offer great insight to the field in every horse race which can help you make your betting selections easier.

  •   Neds Money Tracker

    Customers of Neds can see how many bets and how much has been bet on each horse via the Neds Money Tracker feature. We loved this. You can see view the data for each runner and it gives you some detail on which horses are getting the most action.

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Neds Sports

The Neds sports betting offering is solid without being impressive. They don’t offer as many markets each week than some of the other bookmakers in the market. We liked the amount of sports betting previews and tips were available on the Neds Blog. Below are some of the major selling points we found betting on sports with Neds.

  •   Sports Odds

    Neds provide punters with all of the most popular betting market including head to head but they don’t have a lot of the in-depth markets like total points/margin doubles. The value offered to customers with the Neds sports betting odds each week are reasonable in our view.

  •   Sports Betting Tips

    We were very impressed with the sports betting tips provided on the Neds Blog each week for a wide range of local and international sports. There are some great sports betting tips and insights on the Neds Blog and we feel it is a key selling point for Neds.

  •   Live Betting

    You can bet live on sports with Neds via their website or app. There are not as many international sports to bet on live than some bookmakers, but the process of betting live on sports with Neds is as simple and streamline as it needs to be from our experience with them.

  •   Live Streaming

    Neds do not offer any sports live streaming for Australian or international sports which is one downside to the Neds betting service. If you like to stream sports from your mobile betting app then Neds is probably not the bookmaker for you.

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Neds Services

Neds offers customers some fantastic betting products for horse racing betting. Their customer support is responsive and fast plus they make it easy to deposit and withdrawal money. Below are some highlights from the Neds betting service provided.

  •   Support

    Neds offer a 24/7 live betting phone support and customer support between 6pm and 11pm. Some other bookmakers offer 24/7 customer support. Neds also offer live chat and email options for customers.

  •   Deposits

    Neds offer a few deposit options for you to fund your account. You can use Mastercard or Visa as well as bank transfer. Poli pay is available along with Bpay.

  •   Withdrawals

    Neds offers bank transfers for when you need to take money out of your account. They also provide a Neds debit card which you can take money out with.

  •   Rewards

    There is no Neds rewards program offered to customers. If you are interested bookmakers with rewards programs, then Neds is not for you.

  •   Analysis

    We loved the form guide for racing as well as the Speedmaps. Both make it easy to analysis the form guide for each horse racing betting market.

  •   Blog

    The Neds blog is one of the best in the market when compared to the other bookmakers. They cover a wide range of horse racing betting markets and sports each week.