Sportsbet is arguably the most popular betting company in Australia with perhaps the exception of the TAB. Is Sportsbet all marketing hype? Or is the Sportsbet offering for punters one of the best in the market? We will take you through some of the Sportsbet features and highlights for you to decide.

Sportsbet came up a little short in comparison to other bookmakers when comparing the racing betting features. We have listed the biggest selling points for them from what we found betting with them.

  •   Live Streaming

    Sportsbet customers can stream Victorian and South Australian horse racing via the Sportsbet app or via their website. The racing stream is on a separate page from betting markets which can be annoying.

  •   Racing Mega Bets

    When you bet with Sportsbet you will find that they offer a racing mega bet for horse, greyhounds and harness racing each week. This can come in a range of bet types but often offers punters some bets that offer decent value for most.

  •   Racing Blackbook

    Blackbook allows racing punters to follow/favourite a horse, harness or greyhound runner and to be notified by SMS or email on the day of the event. You can add a runner to your BlackBook by clicking on the ‘Add to BlackBook’ button.

  •   Racing Betting Tips

    Each racing market Sportsbet provide betting tips with detail form guide analysis and odds fluctuations. They also provide some in-depth betting insights for feature horse racing betting markets via the Sportsbet blog.

  •   Racing Multi Bets

    Sportsbet provide recommended racing multi bets for you to review and make quick selections. They seem to recommend the top horse from each race based on price for the next 3-4 races mostly. Some bet recommendations are useful but are not available via the app.

  •   Fixed Price Exotic Bets

    Sportsbet offer fixed price exotic prices for all Quinella, Exacta and Trifecta bets. We found this to be a useful feature because it gives you the return for your stake, so you can be clear on the payout if your bet is successful.

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Sportsbet App

The Sportsbet app is a very good choice for most horse racing punters. Although they don’t have a lot of the features that some other bookmaker apps provide, the Sportsbet app does provide everything that most users will need to bet on horse racing.

  •   Sportsbet Android App

    For those of you that have an Android device you will find that the Sportsbet Android app is one of the better apps in the market. You can download the Sportsbet Android App after you open an account and have verified your ID.

  •   Sportsbet Apple App

    Of course there is an iPhone version of the Sportsbet app available for customers. The features are very similar across both platforms, so you don’t lose anything between versions of the app. First you will need to setup an account with them to download it.

  •   Sportsbet Multi Bets

    The Sportsbet racing multi bets are a great feature and is made simple with the layout of the Sportsbet mobile app.

  •   Live Betting

    Sportsbet don’t offer any live betting for racing but they offer it for a range of sports events each week. Mainly tennis and international sports but they do cover the NRL and AFL along with some soccer competitions.

  •   Live Streaming

    You can stream Victorian and South Australian horse races via the Sportsbet app or website. The mobile app layout is better for punters then the website in our opinion. So, if you bet mainly via the web and use the horse racing streaming that is worth considering.

  •   User Interface

    We found the Sportsbet app layout to be much better for betting that their website. The app has all the features that you get on the Sportsbet App

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Sportsbet Racing

The Sportsbet racing products provide the essentials for people who bet on horse racing. You can see how the Sportsbet racing odds perform above and make your own assumptions. We liked their fixed odds exotic bets feature and think it is very useful to punters who like to bet exotic markets. Below you will see the key racing features that Sportsbet provide.

  •   Racing Odds

    The Sportsbet racing odds are not too bad from what we can see. The fixed price win odds are generally competitive with the competition. Sportsbet do offer top tote or the starting price, depending on which is higher. Place bettors are offered middle tote which is what most of the other bookmakers offer.

  •   Racing Betting Tips

    Each horse racing betting market is provided with betting tips with 4 selections usually. That is helpful to those who bet trifecta’s and First 4’s. The form guide comments are of assistance to punters with some relevant insights for that race.

  •   Enhanced Odds

    Like most other bookmakers, Sportsbet give you a Power Play each day which essentially enhances your odds for that bet. It can only be used on win horse racing bets and is limited to a certain number each day. It’s a good way to extract some extra value from your best bet.

  •   Exotic Fixed Price Odds

    For those punters who bet exotic bets for horse racing it should be noted that Sportsbet offer fixed price odds on all Quinella, Exacta and trifecta bets. We liked the fact you can lock in your odds and know what the return will be, unlike the totes.

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Sportsbet Sports

If you also bet on sports in addition to horse racing, then the Sportsbet features listed below will be of interest. Again, not as many features like live streaming when compared to other bookmakers. Sportsbet don’t offer much in the way of sports analysis data for their sports betting markets, which we consider to be a downside to their sports offering.

  •   Sports Odds

    The Sportsbet NRL and AFL odds are often the best in the market. We found that the international sports odds are not as competitive for competitions like the English Premier League and some other European soccer league.

  •   Sports Betting Tips

    Sportsbet have a lot of ex-players offering insights into the NRL and AFL betting markets each week via the Sportsbet Blog and YouTube channel. Our research found that Sportsbet tips for sports were ok but seemed to push people to the favourites a lot.

  •   Live Betting

    If you enjoy betting live on sports you would be interested to know that the Sportsbet live betting features are easy to use. You still must call Sportsbet yourself to place the bet though. We liked how other bookmakers called you once you made your betting selection.

  •   Streaming

    We were a little disappointed that Sportsbet don’t stream any sports via their website or app for customers. Considering some of the other sports streaming available with other brands we felt that Sportsbet lets down customers with Sports live streaming.

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Sportsbet Services

As you would expect the Sportsbet customer service is very good. They offer many forms of communication and a 24/7 call centre to place bets and contact for support issues. Below are some key points that you should know about Sportsbet before you consider opening an account with them.

  •   Sportsbet Support

    Like most of the other bookmakers, Sportsbet offers customers 24/7 customer support via their customer support phone number. They have a separate number for placing horse racing bets so be sure to check which number you are calling. They also offer live chat and email support.

  •   Sportsbet Deposits

    When you need to deposit funds into your Sportsbet account there are a few methods. You can use your Visa or Mastercard or Paypal. For those who prefer using the bank you can direct deposit or pay with Poli and Bpay.

  •   Sportsbet Withdrawals

    When you need to take money out of your Sportsbet account you can choose to use a bank transfer or send the money direct to your Sportsbet Card to withdrawal from any ATM. You can also have Sportsbet send the money to your PayPal account if that is your preference.

  •   Rewards Program

    Sportsbet don’t offer any rewards program for customers which is a major point of difference between them and some of the other bookmakers that offer rewards programs for their customers. The lack of a Sportsbet rewards program should be an issue for a lot of potential customers.

  •   Form Guide Analysis

    The Sportsbet form guide for horse racing is one of the best compared to other bookmakers. Worked well on desktop and the Sportsbet App. They also offer horse racing tips for most betting markets. We found the horse racing tips to be ok, but they do throw in some weird selections.

  •   Sportsbet Blog

    The Sportsbet blog offers a wide range of content and also video previews for featured horse racing meetings. They have some experts who offer their insights, but we didn’t find the Sportsbet Blogs horse racing tips to be that useful.